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A proudly South African idea! Born from hate but created with love.

YoHoMo is South Africa’s newest most fabulous directory for absolutely everything LGBTQ+. But we stand for an even bigger cause…

From wedding venues to airlines to retailers and even restaurants and nightlife that celebrate the rainbow flag and accept every human just the way they were made.Perfect.

We’re not one to force anyone out of the closet (that would just be rude) but we do feel that we need to be open about places that are not as friendly as we thought they were (we’ve seen too many of our rainbow family getting the middle finger when searching for the perfect wedding venue or being told to sachet away while trying to book a hotel).

So we’ve come up with a colourful plan… a plan for for any kiki.

You can list your business, event or service with YoHoMo (for a very small fee) to show the community that they are welcome to shine their light as bright as they want to at your establishment.

But at the same time we’re giving every single human the opportunity to list the not so gay-friendly places (FOR FREE) in our NoHoMo section where the only get out of jail card for the business, event or service is to make a sizable charity donation (cause SIZE matters here) to an affiliated LGBTQ+ group.

This is not s public shaming exercise, we acknowledge the rights that people & businesses choose who they deal with but we want to celebrate the businesses that celebrate us… and help each other avoid the ones that don’t.

Now go shine your light hunny, raise your flag & be proud of who you are cause we sure are!

Proudly South African and proud to be associated with such an incredibly beautiful South African community! | Facebook

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